Early sculptures

Year: 2010-2012

The first sculptures I made were created by exploring the bond between death and Beauty. My ongoing fascination with the Greek myth: “the Judgment of Paris” brought me to create “Paris’ apple”. I am still contemplating in what way Beauty is so closely related to terror and war? What if Paris had chosen another bribe of another Goddess? In the face of those naked goddesses Paris couldn’t stay objective and choose for his own satisfaction. Why did nobody realize the Goddess of discord tricked the competitors? This all happened on a wedding banquet, symbolizing the start of a new life, a new beginning.

The piece: “Dynasty of Elegance” is intended as an object of worship, using Egyptian symbolism of mummification. Elegance has no age; it’s an attitude of form and movement. The sophistication so easily attributed to cats adds to the mystic of this piece in its sarcophagus-like form. The eyes aren’t cat eyes, but human eyes. Its not noticeable at first while clearly it feels like something is off.

Photo credit

  • Thanks to Pat Verbruggen/ Antwerp